Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Ibuprofen User Ends Up On Life Support Machine. Should It Be Banned?

Yesterday the daily mail newspaper reported on the horrific case of 11 year old Calvin Lock.  Calvin was given a routine dose of Ibuprofen for a viral infection and ended on a life support machine.  

Calvin’s body erupted in burns due to the Ibuprofen drug.  This was incompetently diagnosed as chicken pox by the medical establishment.  This incompetence almost costed him his life because of the delay that it caused in his treatment.

Ibuprofen is another of these Frankenstein Monster drugs created by the pharmaceutical industry purely for profit and not for the healing of the poor victim that takes it. This drug makes Halloween seem tame in terms of horror, it is responsible for trebling strokes on its victims: 

In fact this drug has no particular use whatsoever because there are dozens of natural alternatives to treating pain through natural foodstuffs.  Ginger and turmeric being just a couple of effective natural remedies.

Every year millions of people worldwide die through taking pharmaceutical “SCIENTIFICALLY” approved drugs. Every day 290 people are killed by FDA-approved prescription drugs in the US.The Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) Vol 284, No 4, July 26th 2000

Errol Denton live blood microscopist says that conditions such as Calvin’s could have been treated naturally without the need for drugs.  Furthermore Errol states that a viral infection such as this should not even have been permitted to occur in the first place had the child had a healthy immune system.  This could only be made possible by insuring the red blood cells are kept in a healthy clean condition.  

Errol Denton points out that wild animals do not need to take these medications because they follow the natural common sense dietary laws that humans have sadly discarded. It is because reason has been thrown out of the window in favour of nonsensical scientific dogma and profit why people are now reliant on killer drugs and medications.  With this horrific incident why is this deadly drug not removed from the shelve immediately?  Why because human life does not mean anything to the drug company racketeers and profiteers.  Anything that causes harm to human life should not be permitted for humans to use.  In an ideal world this would be the case, however a world driven by greed this is not so.  What makes this possible is the folly of the majority of people who take prescription medication that there is simply no need for.  All drugs are man made attempts to copy a natural substance simply for profit.  For every drug there is a natural alternative that the drug companies simply cannot patent.

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