Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Live Blood Test Harley Street Pseudoscience Or Ultimate Preventative Medicine Tool?

The twentieth century has hailed a whole host of scientific developments.  A man has walked on the moon.  Advances in technology now means that we can communicate with each other from one end of the planet to another in seconds.  We can fly from one end of the globe to the other in less than a day.  

Science has changed the lives of people in so many ways and yet it has failed dismally when it comes to the health of the inhabitants of the earth.  One hundred years ago the incidence of diseases such as cancer, diabetes and obesity were non existent.

Today these diseases are at epidemic levels and are causing thousands to die needlessly daily.  Science has responded by manufacturing more chemical drugs to combat these diseases but none are successful.  

Why is it then that Scientists cannot cure disease and cannot find the answers?  Perhaps it is because Science can never be superior to the natural laws of health and nutrition.  You see although man prides himself in great technological scientific feats he has forgotten the basic laws of health.  Imagine how ridiculous it seems that animals do not get the diseases that mankind get but yet they are not as intelligent we are told.  Not all mankind suffers from these killer diseases however, it is only in the so called developed world that these diseases are rife. 

Errol Denton at live blood test Harley Street has demonstrated time and time again through live blood analysis that there is absolutely no need to take any medication for disease whatsoever view just some of his successful case studies here:

Some scientists label live blood analysis as ‘Pseudo-Scientific’ but with the results that have been achieved where science has failed; can we really ignore this common sense fact? The fact that thousands of people who were written off by the medical establishment have managed to beat their illnesses by replacing chemical drugs with food as a medicine instead.  It is after all what the wild animals and people in under developed countries have used for centuries using natural food as a medicine.

Perhaps it is because scientists do not like the truth.  The truth that no disease can ever be cured through drugs.  Nutrition is the only way to solve any disease.  This is not new of the scientific community. In 1747 Dr John Lind discovered that oranges and lemons contained ascorbic acid in the form of Vitamin C which prevented scurvy.  It was however 40 years before this fact was finally accepted by the scientific community. Dr Weston Price carried out a world wide experiment that demonstrated when people of poorer countries switched to the western diet they experienced increased incidence of diseases and infertility.  This evidence has been deliberately overlooked and shunned by arrogant scientists perhaps with an agenda.

Today with the epidemic of diseases such as: cancer, diabetes and obesity is it time for the arrogance to end that science is the unquestionable holy grail of information?  Is it time to take a second look at live blood testing pioneered by Antoine Bechamp?

Is it time that we accept the fact that sickness and disease is caused by poor nutrition and exposure to toxic foods?