Friday, 19 October 2012

My name is Errol Denton I work in Harley Street London and Dubai.  I help people improve their health by taking responsibility for what they eat and drink.  I use live blood testing to enable people to see the true state of their health.  Most people have never seen the detrimental effects that their diet and lifestyle is having on them so live blood analysis is really a wake up call.  My clients range from the ordinary man or woman in the street right through to celebrities and even royalty! Clients visit because they are looking for preventative medicine a way to prevent disease from happening in the first place.  Some clients are already suffering from disease such: Arthritis, Cancer, Diabetes,Eczema, High Blood Pressure, Psoriasis and much more.  

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Live blood analysis is fast becoming the choice of individuals who are tired of taking prescription medication with no visible results.  Pharmaceutical drugs are designed merely to suppress symptoms in the body making the user dependent on them for the rest of their lives.  Whilst this may be good business and increased profits for the drug company it is not good for the health of the consumer.  Drugs all cause side effects that shorten the lifespan and the quality of life of the user.  These side effects can range from dizziness, blurred vision, impotence, erectile dysfunction and even death.

There is an alternative to this and that is a really simple one by using food as a medicine just like animals instinctively do.  It is common sense that wild animals do not get the illnesses that humans now get because they are following the natural laws of nutrition.  Natural laws that some humans in the modern world have sadly forgotten.  Somehow it is believed that taking chemical drugs is the solution to this but no drug ever cures a disease where natural food does do this.

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