Monday, 19 November 2012

Errol Denton Uses Live Blood Analysis To Cure 72 Year Old Woman’s Hypertension in 12 weeks!

Errol Denton Live blood analysis expert from Harley Street and Dubai says that high blood pressure is the easiest thing to cure with diet and exercise.  If diseases are created by poor nutrition then they can be cured by good nutrition according to Errol Denton.  Healthy red blood cells are the key to health and that is why live blood analysis is so important. It allows the individual to take responsibility for their health instead relying on Doctors prescribing them pharmaceutical drugs with dangerous side effects.

Here is what a recent 72 year old client had to say about Errol Denton and her live blood test experience

I started having problems with my Blood Pressure, good one day, very high the next.

I visited my doctor and was given blood pressure tablets.  They made me feel very ill.  I had them changed, but the same thing happened again. So I called an acquaintance whom Errol had helped a couple of years ago, and she gave me the telephone number.  So I made an appointment and had my first test on 19 June 2012.

Errol explained about the test and what to expect, but the site of the blood cells clumped together and moving around like drunken objects scared me.  But Errol explained the reasons why it was like that, he gave me the good news that with a change  of diet and some exercise it could be remedied.

After 3 months I am 1 stone lighter and nearly 2 dress sizes smaller, also I feel great.

Thank you Errol for your help.  Continue the good work and God bless.

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